Bouldering Walls

Modern dynamic walls by Walltopia

Bouldering is peeking it’s way out from under the meadows of ropes and become an A list celebrity in a big vertical world. Booming in popularity thanks to its short bursts of dramatic moves and a social scene that would put Facebook to shame. It’s no wonder bouldering centres have become the must have for every entrepreneur. Clean-brightly sculpted walls with a sharp modern twist have made Walltopia the worlds number one choice for bouldering centres. With a Walltopia bespoke design to making your venue stand out from the crowd.

We can offer may options including:

  • A custom design.
  • A variety of wall surfaces including: plywood, 3D Curves, Rocktopia and Deep-space.
  • Full colour hexachrome printing for custom paint work and patterns.
  • LED strips on wall face or in corners and crack climbs.
  • Custom fit boulder matting perfectly measured for your venue and no gaps.
  • Increased t-nut density for greater placement of holds.
  • Comfortable grab lines at the top of every wall.

Our services can include:

  • Architecture and design
  • Engineering
  • Logistics
  • Project management
  • Very fast installation and setup
  • Route setting
  • Maintenance and annual wall inspections

Take nothing but your wall, leave nothing but your footprints.

Did you know our innovative design & construction allows walls to be easily moved. Just incase your venue leasing changes.