Plus Hangboard

Plus-Hangboard-S-ICPPlus Fingerboard Yellow – Indoor Climbing Productions

Plus Hangboard


ICP designers not only created the Plus to be remarkably creative, but to develop efficient and comfortable equipment for training. With our smart tiered design we have reduced forearm abrasion while maintaining a natural and free hanging position for your arms. This design will allow you to move around your twenty different holds, comfortably.

Main features

2 x large jugs
2 x wide pinch grips
2 x narrow pinch grips
2 x flat slope
1 x long rounded slope
2 x large gaston’s
2 x large edge
2 x angled crimps
2 x three finger pockets
2 x two finger pockets
2 x one finger pockets

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  • Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Weight 5kg kg

    Yellow/Red, Green/Dark Green, White/Blue