Training products

Do ICP training boards come with screws?
Your ICP hangboard will come with the required screws and instructions for installation, free of charge.


What is the best way to install my hangboard?
There are many methods for installing your hangboard. We prefer screwing a piece of 19mm plywood to the framing members above your door, then screwing your hangboard to the plywood.


Will my doors architrave be strong enough to hold an ICP micro?
No your architrave will probably not be strong enough. To strengthen your architrave we encourage you to secure your doors architrave to the framing members with screws. Then screw your ICP micro into the header framing member behind.


Do we offer competitive quotes or discounts?
We do not offer discounts as we already try and reduce the cost as much as possible without sacrificing quality. We also have a very strict pricing policy and ask all retail outlets to abide by the ‘ICP terms and conditions’.


Is there a weight limit to my ICP hangboard?
All ICP hangboards are tested to the highest quality. We use extremely strong and high quality polyurethane in all of our products. Due to the varied attachment possibilities we will only recommend the mini, plus and pro to 100kg.


What is the best way to clean my ICP hangboard?
For best gripping results clean your hangboard with a nylon bristled brush before you use it. For a more extensive clean, uninstall your hangboard and clean it with a pressurized water cleaner on a medium setting.


How can I find out more exercises to do on my ICP hangboard or training product?
Your ICP training product will come with information on training. Over time we will be offering more training information to the public. So watch this space.


Climbing Holds

Do ICP climbing holds come with t-nuts or bolts?
Unless noted otherwise, ICP climbing holds do not come with bolts, screws or t-nuts. All of the hardware you need for your holds can be purchased through our online store.


Will the outdoors damage my climbing holds?
Any brand of climbing holds will eventually fade over several years. UV/sun will rapidly speed up the process and cause a pastel colour. But the strength of the climbing hold should not change for many years.


Will my ICP climbing holds loose their excellent texture?
ICP has outsourced the highest quality materials to increase durability. However we recommend commercial climbing gyms re-set climbs using ICP holds every few months to ensure the holds’ longevity. Rotaton of your ICP holds is a simple and effective way to maintain your grip for alot longer.


What is the best way to clean my ICP holds?
ICP recommends you uninstall your climbing holds and clean them with a pressurised water cleaner on a medium setting.