At ICP, we’re always working to improve the products we have on offer. Years in the industry has shown us that vinyl-top matting can lead to dirtier walls, as chalk and grime sticks to the bottom of climber’s shoes. Carpet-top matting however, cleans the bottom of climber’s shoes as they walk around or come off the wall – perfect for helping your walls stay cleaner for longer!


Boulder matting is one of the most important factors when it comes
to your bouldering gym.

Inconsistencies in the height of the matting, gaps, or poor foam density can have severe consequences on the safety of your venue. Our matting solves all of these problems, meets Australian standards and is tested against Australian fire regulations. All the hard work is already done for you.

We offer a custom design specific to your venue, testing and certification, and delivery and installation.
Our grey carpet and unique hard edging will suit your gym perfectly.

Not only are our builders talented at building walls, they’re experts at installing your beautiful carpet-top matting too!

We use computer generated models for a perfect fit for your venue, then our foam and carpet tops are precisely cut to size.
Matting is easily assembled by our team of experienced technicians, and your bouldering wall will be ready to climb!