Passion, Effort and Skill

No matter whether we design and produce a wall for long-term use in a gym or for a one-time event such as competitions – we put the same amount of passion, effort and skill to deliver the best product. If you want to be part of the world championship or a custom privately organised event, our crew is ready to design and produce a wall that suits your needs.


We specialise in:

  • IFSC world cup events,
  • Lead and speed climbing competitions,
  • Bouldering competitions,
  • Deep water soloing competitions.


Our walls can be:

  • Freestanding structures,
  • Attached to an existing structure,
  • Portable,
  • For outdoor or indoor events.

Speed Competition Walls:

Speed climbing is one of the most spectacular disciplines in climbing – every move is precise as climbers demonstrate incredible speed and endurance.

Many gyms now want to have a speed wall in their facility. It’s not necessary to have a large group of professional climbers to make good use of the wall, as many climbers like to train on it to test their speed and endurance.

Deep Water Solo Walls:

Becoming more and more popular every year, this is a discipline that emerged from the coast of Mallorca and became widely known thanks to Walltopia athlete, Chris Sharma. Walltopia’s collaboration with him and the guys from Momentum created the most spectacular annual event in the climbing industry – the Psicocomp – which is also the perfect showcase of our work for the design and manufacture of a great Deep Water Soloing wall.