Big climbs and big splashes

Often called the purest form of climbing, deep water soloing is getting more and more popular every year.

Deep water soloing emerged from the coast of Mallorca and has seen the creation of the  most spectacular annual event in the climbing industry – the Psicocomp. This is the perfect showcase of our work in designing and manufacturing a great deep water solo wall.

Deep water soloing sees climbers pull dramatic moves 5 to 15 metres over water without ropes or matting, instead using deep water as their safety protection. Understanding how a climber falls into the water and what makes a safe environment requires a lot of careful planning and experience. This is why our team will work closely with you to develop a safe, fun environment for all climbers.


The thought of spending our summer basking in the sun while taking big falls and splashing into crystal blue water gets us excited.

We know that spectacular moves require an equally impressive climbing wall to be designed by our architects. Their obsession with creating curves and beautiful shapes will have your climbers swimming in cool routes. Let our architects sculpt a wall that will leave you breathless. Get in touch today.