ICP and Walltopia leading the way

If route setters are the artist then Walltopia’s walls are the perfect canvas. The refined wall angles are kept simple and uncluttered, allowing route setters space to breathe and take climbers on a journey they will never forget. You will notice most of our designs are refined yet splashed with a little brightness for complexity. Yet a great design is not enough to create a state of the art climbing wall. Truth is, there are many details both on and behind the surface that play a significant role in the process of building a climbing wall.

When you first look at a climbing wall, chances are you will only see the shape and colour of the walls. But if you take a step closer, you will notice the seams between the panels, the metal strips, the T-nuts, the anchors, the belay bars, the transitions, the edges and the surface itself. We give special attention to all these points, making for a refined and safe design.

We offer many options including:

  • A custom design,
  • A variety of wall surfaces including: plywood and 3D Curves,
  • Rocktopia and Deep-space,
  • Full colour hexachrome printing for custom paint work and patterns,
  • LED strips on wall faces or in corners and crack climbs,
  • U-bolt leat points to protect fingers and equipment,
  • Self guided t-nuts for easier route setting,
  • Comfortable grab lines at the top of every wall,
  • A variety of options for top rope climbing.

Our services can include:

  • Architecture and design
  • Engineering
  • Logistics
  • Project management
  • Fast installation and setup
  • Route setting
  • Maintenance and annual wall inspections

Remember, perfection comes from the synergy between design, installation, and the details.