Holds for Schools Initiative

There's nothing we love more than seeing the next generation of climbers on the wall. ICP's new Holds for Schools initiative is designed to provide schools with quality climbing holds that make it easy for children to learn.

How will Holds for Schools help my school?

New Horizons

Rock climbing offers loads of benefits for kids - physically, mentally and socially. It teaches hand-foot-eye coordination, and increases problem solving abilities. It's a great whole-body workout and will help to build a child's strength.

Reach New Heights

Rock climbing is also a great way to build children's confidence and self esteem in a fun environment. It will help improve their communication and listening skills, and they will learn to overcome their fears.

We Can Help

Often the holds that schools have for their climbing walls are difficult to climb on. This can discourage children and make it a less-than-ideal experience. We want to help encourage kids to climb and make it easy for them to learn.

Is your school or kindergarten in need of some climbing holds?

We're excited to be able to offer climbing holds to schools in need.
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