Rollglider combines the thrill of free falling and hang gliding into one ride

Rollglider can give your rider a relaxing glide or take them up to 50km/h! Rollglider is an exhilarating experience on its own, or it can be an added thrill to an adventure hub or shopping centre, or even combined with an amusement park or climbing gym.
Rollglider has many different options for customisation.
A gravity-fed trolley can be used on a track with more slopes, or an electric trolley can be used for rides with little or no inclination.
Multiple traffic control systems are available, to allow one or a number of participants on the track at one time.
There is also the option for your participants to ride in a sitting position, superman position, or a tandem position.
The choices are almost endless!

Our services include:

Architecture and design,
Fast installation,
Project management and logistics.